Why Palm Oil Isn’t As Effective As Nanoil Castor Oil?

pure castor oil

Today we bring two oils face to face: palm oil and castor oil. Despite being similar, they have lots of differences which make one defeat the other. It looks like we deal with a foregone conclusion but let’s take a closer look at both products, check which one (and why exactly) is better than the rival?

What we know about palm oil?

Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of African oil palm. It’s said to have more carotene than carrots. This fact and the yellow-orange-red color make the oil stain the skin, hair and clothes. Palm oil contains richer form of vitamin E and thus helps reduce activity of free radicals. It’s also a natural yet quite weak sunscreen.

How castor oil stacks up against palm oil?

Castor oil and palm oil have similar properties and ways of working. Both products contain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, have a positive effect on appearance and condition of skin and hair through giving hydration, smoothness and softening effect. Still, castor oil is regarded better than palm oil. And there’s just one feature that makes one beat the other.

nanoil castor oilWhy castor oil is better?

Castor oil wins over palm oil due to remarkable effect on hair, lashes and brows. To be more precise, thanks to amazing ability to stimulate growth and prevent hair loss, as well as strengthen hair follicles. It’s probably the most popular trait of castor oil which makes it one of the best-selling hair, eyebrow and eyelash care treatments.

What’s the effect of using castor oil?

Activation of hair, eyebrow and eyelash growth is not all. Castor oil:

  • has antibacterial and antifungal effect
  • nourishes and repairs
  • cleanses
  • moisturizes and prevents water loss
  • protects epidermis against damage
  • repairs and strengthens nails
  • slightly upgrades dark shades of hair, lashes and eyebrows

Nanoil Castor Oil is the best one!

100% organic and recommended to everyone who’s big on professional hair, skin and nail care. The product has been developed through cold-pressing and hasn’t gone through refining. thanks to this kind of extraction method, the oil has preserved all precious ingredients. Even more so because castor oil in this cosmetic is certified organic which translates to high quality.

coldpressed castor oil

How to use Nanoil castor oil?

Nanoil has launched castor oil offering various uses. It’s going to work well for lash, hair, brow, face and nail care. Applied to scalp or lash base, it reinforces hair follicles and encourages growth. It helps remove make-up, clear face of sebum excess and grease. It’s also a good addition to nail soak, strengthening and giving natural shine.

What’s the must-know on Nanoil castor oil?

  • INGREDIENTS: Nanoil castor oil contains castor seed bean oil and thus is abounding in organic fatty acid (ricinoleic acid), minerals and vitamins. Do you know that castor bean is similar to human keratin?
  • COST: Nanoil castor oil has a relatively low price in comparison to pricier products having similar effect.
  • STORING: Keep Nanoil tightly closed in a dark, cool, dry spot.
  • APPLICATION: Use a comfortable pipette applicator that goes with it: a precise dropper makes application very easy.
  • SIZE: One Nanoil vial has 50 ml of castor oil.
  • WHERE TO PURCHASE: Nanoil castor oil is available only on manufacturer’s site here nanoil.us/castor-oil