Four advantages macaw-fat oil offers

Macaw-fat oil (palm oil) is widely recognised as one of the most original food oils that can be used in the field of beauty. It is extracted either from seeds or from flesh of African oil palm fruit. Due to its features, macaw-fat oil is perfect for conditioning body skin and hair. Below, there are a few words describing the beneficial action palm oil delivers.

1. Macaw-fat oil has rejuvenating action

Precious ingredient that is present in macaw-fat oil are tocotrienols (E vitamin compounds), which are rather hard to find in other products of vegetable origin. Because of that, macaw-fat oil is a strong and highly valued antioxidant that helps with counteracting free radicals, reducing micro damages and eliminating the first signs of skin ageing. When applied to skin, tocotrienols (macaw-fat oil contains) penetrate reaching even the deepest layers of skin to regenerate skin cells by influencing dermis self-rebuilding processes. What is more, the same cells become shielded against chemical damages.

2. Macaw-fat oil is good at cleansing

Natural macaw-fat oil is a substance that is frequently added to various body and hair cleansing cosmetics. It successfully deals with sebum and dirt that accumulate on skin and strands throughout a day. What is more, macaw-fat oil is able to regulate sebum production; so its action is not limited only to removing unwanted substances from off our body surface (as shampoos and soap do). In this way, due to decreased sebum production, our skin stays clean for longer. Finally yet importantly, macaw-fat oil locks moisture in hair and skin.

3. Macaw-fat oil is good at hair nourishing

Since macaw-fat oil is composed of many vitamins, microelements, and fatty acids that hair craves for, it can be labeled as one of the best natural products for pampering strands. In fact, to improve its condition, hair also needs A and E vitamin, and these are present in macaw-fat oil in considerable quantities. Due to application of the oil, hair bulbs become nourished as scalp becomes properly moistened. Moreover, all the positive effects are easy to notice just after the first use of the natural oil.

4. Macaw-fat oil is aids fighting against cancer

It is said that cure for cancer does not exist. However, there are some products which help with cell regeneration, organism strengthening and stimulating it to defeat cancer. The above-mentioned antioxidant features of macaw-fat oil are also anticancer agents. Some people believe that one of the reason skin gets cancer is because of lipid oxidation done by free radicals. With this in mind, once free radicals action is eliminated (for example, due to application of macaw-fat oil), the risk of skin cancer is decreased significantly.

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